At Paula Monaghan's Emporium you will also fine a range of stunning necklaces and bracelets.

An ideal gift for any occasion through out the year.


One of the guest jewellery designers is Bengalas. An exceptional display of style and colour.

Bengalas brings you unique handcrafted buttons made with Spanish Passion. Their leather Belts and Bracelets are all made from the finest quality leather in Europe. With their team of  craftsman in Spain they design the most beautiful accessories so you can create your own style. It´s your idea! 

La Mariposa Blanca.

La Mariposa Blanca Jewellery - we are delighted that you have found us!

Are you looking for a unique piece of handmade designer jewellery, a pearl necklace, a special leather bracelet, original handmade earrings or an exclusive ladies watch. A La Mariposa Blanca jewel will make a very appreciated gift to a friend, a special treat to yourself, or a wonderful present to your daughter, and it will quickly become a favourite necklace, bracelet, watch, or pair of earrings. La Mariposa Blanca is a Dutch-Spanish brand with it's on very special style, it blends femininity with attitude and the outcome is a unique and personal style which has become the landmark of La Mariposa Blanca jewellery.

Every piece of jewellery is handmade and marked with a hallmark to ensure it is an authentic La Mariposa Blanca jewellery design and is offered in very small editions. Due to the uniqueness of charms and beads, sometimes editions can consist of only five pieces. The different jewellery collections are continuously updated with new exclusive and selective jewellery designs from our talented designers. The unique and original designs are timeless and easy to match to any style; fashionable, trendy, classical, casual or chic, and also to any occasion; an evening out with friends, a fancy party, a day at work, a special dinner or just an ordinary day.

Only the best High-quality Materials are used to design La Mariposa Blanca jewellery, such as, luxurious charms, precious shells, special handmade beads of Nacre and Mother of pearl , shiny crystal pearls, colourful high-quality ceramic beads, unique Indian Kasimiri beads, selective hardwood pearls and charms, natural tribal amulets, ancient sacred amulet pendants, handmade Bali sterling silver beads, Indian sterling silver beads, high fashion Murano glass beads, Checz crystals, chains made of guaranteed anti-allergic and hyper-allergenic metals, sterling silver charms, glittery Swarovski charms and silver ornamented details, fine natural leather from Italy and Spain, trendy braided leather in a variety of in fashion colours, a wonderful selection of semiprecious stones, such as Aquamarine, Citrine, Rainbow Moonstone, Bloodstone, Tanzanite, Turquoise, Pink quartz and sparkly Swarovski crystals. All materials are carefully selected with love and care to ensure the uniqueness and look of a La Mariposa Blanca jewellery design.

The La Mariposa Blanca jewellery series are made in very Limited Editions and in constant renewal, therefore we welcome you to visit our online shop on a regular basis. Let yourself be surprised by the creativity of our talented designers!