Small changes to create a new style.

Posted by info on January 15, 2019 at 7:35 AM

Bring in the New Year with a fresh and clean look that will enable energy to thrive around your home.

The idea of changing your property style can be daunting but at Paula Monaghan Interiors we can help you turn this seemingly large task into  a manageable reality.

Some properties require only a few changes to create a different visual effect  and overall feel, for example altering the soft furnishings with a textured throw and complimenting cushions or new curtains contrasting  with your original colour scheme. Alternatively a lick of fresh paint coupled with some new wall art can make a big difference or how about adding carpet or patterned rug to provide a focal point as well as a practical warm feel to the room.

Lighting is very important and we are lucky enough to live on the Costa del Sol so why not make use of that beautiful sunlight and bring it into your home by using delicate voils that allow light to flow through or mirrors stratigically placed to reflect the natural day light. As the evening draws in wall lamps and table lights are peferct for brightening up corners. Placed properly a lamp can become a piece of art in its own right and  we have a wonderful range of designer lamps that wont break the bank.

Enjoy a change in style and play around with additional furniture items from The Emporium and different colours to create your own design for 2019.

Our new spring items will soon be on show and we will keep you posted about our offers and sale items.


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